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NAMM 2016


So in the midst of seeing old friends and fam, making new friends and salivating over new gear, I somehow lost my favorite mouthpiece and ligature for my soprano sax (Meyer 7 and Silverstein)...such an unexpected parting of the way's for such a good friend was traumatizing! Those that are aware know that both the saxophone and all it's accessories are oh so personal. When you have the right chemistry between your gear and your person....Awww I digress. Anyways thanks to an introduction by a fellow saxophonist Keyan Williams I'm now in possession of a Theo Wanne GAIA *7 mouthpiece....we'll see how this friendship turns out....

Be a Student...Always


Well it's been several months of this bass and I. I've learned quickly the benefit/foils of knowing too much and then not enough. I have plenty of theory and head knowledge about playing music and even bass lines. In my haste to want to do it all right away I forgot one thing - to be a student. A student realizes there is a journey ahead. I was wanting to have already arrived. A Student even though he/she has an expectancy of what is to come enjoys the journey of today. I'm working on being a good student. #smallthings

If I could Do it All Over Again With What I Know Now


I'm starting to play the electric bass. It's a new adventure mired in the process of starting something new with the advantage of having some knowledge/wisdom regarding the subject. (i.e. already being a musician, knowing music theory, music history etc., etc.). But still it's brand new, an adventure in learning.#bucketlistliving



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